KPNS Pensacola International Airport Released!

KPNS Pensacola International Airport Released!

FSDesigns is proud to announce to you our rendition of KPNS (Pensacola International Airport) located in Florida of the USA.

This airport has been a long road for us but it’s finally here. Landing right on the beach then going right out and getting some fresh seafood is all you could imagine right?

Thank you all for the love and support and enjoy.

Feature list:

1. 3D vegetation

2. Hand-placed night lighting

3. Custom terminal, parking garage and many more objects/buildings

4. Custom ground

5. Handplaced dirt, that’s, grunge to match real world conditions

6. Accurate up to date layout of the airport

7. Carefully Handplaced over 200 cars

8. Grass around airport

9. The famous park on airport property

10. Many more!

Again, thank you all and we can’t wait to see what you guys have to say. If there are any concerns, please go to the support page on discord/website or email us at

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