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KMTH - The Florida Keys Marathon for X-Plane 11

KMTH - The Florida Keys Marathon for X-Plane 11

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Marathon airport (KMTH) is located in the Florida Keys adjacent to the city of Marathon and the US1 highway. With its 5008 foot long runway, it serves all types of aircraft from the Classic Cessna 150 to the modern Cessna Citation X with the ability to accommodate aircraft as large as the 737 (although there is only 26m to spare so we would advise against trying this at home)

FSDesigns is working to release a big ground texture and huge visuals update soon! In the meantime Marathon will be on sale for only 3 dollars! Make sure to take advantage of the sale before we release the update!
Key features include:
  • All buildings are custom, handcrafted with added detail to ensure accuracy.
  • High resolution 4k textures
  • All taxiways, signs, and markings are placed accurately.
  • Custom cut high resolution aerial imagery for the airfield and surrounding area.
  • Highly optimized for FPS
  • Frame rate friendly 3D vegetation
  • Accurate night lighting
  • Custom high quality Physically Based Rendering (PBR)
  • Free updates for X-Plane 12
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